Facebook’s stealing features again, but this time they followed Twitter

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Here we go again.

Facebook has been copying Snapchat’s features recently. But they won’t stop at it. They are becoming more powerful at every aspect to beat every social media alive. And in this expectations the are bringing more features by copying from their rivals.

You probably didn’t notice it all, but Facebook took Twitter’s most iconic feature 一 kinda.

Familiar with Twitter’s 140 character limit? Well, Facebook now has a new feature that only allows users 130 characters in a post. Facebook might not have stolen Twitter’s concept, but the company definitely used it as inspiration in its new short and sweet posting format. It also would’ve been #awkward if Facebook took the classic 140 number for themselves.

If you create a post and click/tap on any of the colored circles, you’ll notice your status message will appear against a colored background in huge text. These vivid status updates are perfect for announcing exciting life updates, new career changes, or melting your burning your friend’s eyeballs.


As we know Facebook won’t stop at it. They will develop more new features to increase more user usability which is making a good Impressum for Facebook.

We’re excited to see what Facebook steals next.

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